Virtel Voice Hosted PBX.

A Full Featured Phone System Solution…. For Less.

Virtel Voice's full featured phone system solution (Hosted PBX…link) does not require you to purchase costly phone system equipment that sits in your closet, is costly to service and repair, and will become obsolete  before you know it. With Virtel Voice, you just purchase the phones you need when you need them and Virtel Voice gives you every feature your organization needs, including a web portal to manage it all. You can even spread phones out over multiple locations and unify your team members.

Compared to purchasing a traditional phone system, Virtel Voice requires 50% to 80% less capital up-front. And that's just the beginning of the savings.

Virtel Voice's monthly pricing is Simple, Fair and Affordable.

Each extension (Desk Phone) cost just $10 per month.

Each Cellular Phone extension cost just $20 per month. (Coming Soon!)

Your phone number cost just $5 per month.

Virtel Voice's per minute rate is the lowest in the industry at 1.9 cents per minute (additional local, State, and Federal taxes and charges apply).

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