Virtel Voice - Simple Cellular Extension (Coming Soon!)

True Cellular/Voice Over IP for Businesses, Organizations, and Non-profits.

Virtel Voice is proud to offer Simple Cellular phone service!!! Businesses and Organizations who wish to keep the IP phone system and phone equipment they already have can now take full advantage of Virtel Voice's reliable Cellular phone service and the cost savings that comes with it.

Virtel Voice's monthly pricing is Simple, Fair and Affordable. Each line cost just $20 per month and Virtel Voice's per minute rate is the lowest in the industry at just 2.9 cents per minute for all local and long distance calling and FREE calling in Wifi Coverage area.(additional local, State, and Federal taxes and charges apply). Pay For What You Use! Save 30% to 70% versus phone service providers such as AT&T and Charter Communications. Don't get locked into a contract, bundle, or "unlimited plan" that nearly always favors the big telecommunications company.

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No Contract!!!