Expandable! Affordable! Easy to set up and use. Virtel Voice is a complete phone system solution that delivers powerful business phone functionality to all your employees.

Virtual Receptionist, Auto Attendant

Let your callers reach your employees through extensions without a receptionist. "Press 1 for support, press 2 for sales consultants, press 3 for account information."

Pay Per minute usage

Control your usage cost. All calls are billed in 6 second increments, so you are only charged for the time you use. Unlike most other Phone service providers that round up to the next minute.

User Extensions

Each employee or department can be assigned an extension. A voicemail box is automatically created for each extension.
Extension specific combination of rules such as announcement (voice on demand), follow me, call hunt, verify, queue and redirect can be assigned online.


All standard features of voicemail are included with extensions. You can check voicemail through the web control panel, physical phone and by email.


All voicemails can be automatically emailed as an attachment (wav). 
Voicemail can also be notified through pager or SMS.

Play Voicemail via Email or PDAs

You can now play the voicemails on all PDAs such as Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm etc. directly using the link embedded in the alert.

Call Forwarding

With a Virtel Voice account, callers can be transferred to any desired telephone numbers (mobile, land line, fax) within the continental United States.



Follow me:

The incoming calls are forwarded to the designated list of numbers sequentially, until the call is acknowledged. The subsequent numbers will not be called unless the first person is busy answering other calls or if he is not willing to answer the calls.

Call Hunt (Find me):

With call hunt feature, the incoming call is forwarded to all the designated recipients simultaneously.

Availability Scheduling

Forward the calls to different numbers based on the time and weekday.

Fax to Email

Receive a fax via your PBX system and it will be sent to your email address as a pdf.

Tele Conference

Setup a teleconference that enables you to connect an unlimited amount of people to a call .

Music on hold

Choose from a default set of prerecorded music or play your informational greeting by uploading one.

24/7 Web Panel

With online panel, you are always in control of your telephony. You can access and make any changes to your account 24/7. The changes reflect instantaneously. You can access the screenshots of the control panel here.